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Feeding Frenzy of Seafood

Feeding Frenzy of Seafood

The sight of seafood, to certain people, induces a mouth-watering sensation that surpasses the flow of occasional floods of northern Namibia. Unfortunately the invitation to a 'Prawn Mania' from Sindana Communications landed on a desk where the owner is not one of the seafood freaks. To a person whose idea of seafood is an intermediate dish of fish, and a couple of oysters, a feeding frenzy on crawly creatures from the bottom of the ocean is not really exciting.

Fish, grilled on coal and oysters with Tabasco, lemon drops and pepper. It is okay to eat raw oysters, although I still do not know where or when did that this eating habit start with me. But the line is nevertheless drawn at oysters. Raw fish should be left to the Japanese. No person should mess with others people's sacred traditions.

Nevertheless, off to Windhoek Country Club Resorts' Kokerboom Restaurant we went, where it all became clear just how serious is the resort when it had us sent invitation inscribed with 'Prawn Mania.'

It appears the Windhoek Country Club Resort has contracted people to dive and scavenge the Atlantic Ocean ridge for anything edible. Then, Executive Chef Louis Anuszkiewiez and his team, transform whatever comes up from the ocean bottom into exotic dishes of prawns, shrimps, mussels, calamari and oysters. This is besides the choices from about six different kinds of fresh fish from sole to salmon. It is a buffet, indeed a heaven for seafood lovers, of all you can eat from the ocean.

However since prawn mania is the theme, diners can have anything from prawns hors d' oeuvres, prawns and cellophane noodle salad, to prawns wrapped in bacon. No, seriously. Bacon. Still do not get it. The combination of bacon and prawn that is, but it does give succulent flavour to the prawn.

The question is who came up with the idea? Apparently - yes we did ask - the executives had a brainwave, or as it was described by the deputy general manager for Windhoek Country Club Resorts Raymond Kodisang, "we thought why not have a prawn mania" and offer seafood with prawns as the theme.

For those who do not enjoy seafood that much or with allergies to such kind of sea food the restaurant does have other dishes. The traditional red or white meat remain on the menu.

However, Prawn Mania is about seafood lovers. Meat-eaters, go read about meat or chicken on other pages of this newspaper. Fellow seafood fanatics, everyone at the table kept joining in "yummy", a word that dominated the entire evening' discussions. It was shameful yet enjoyable to watch as well. Ladies, being ladies, were hesitant about having their hands dirtied by prawns until a brave lady shouted: 'just dig in.' So the 'hmm yummy' sound continued as we, all ten of us, admired the fresh seafood on display, in between sips of Chardonnay Blanc de Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Prawn Mania will continue until the end of April this year. And for N$170 per person, along with a complementary glass of wine, it is indeed a frenzy. Go there and you would have fun.

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Feeding Frenzy of Seafood

The sight of seafood, to certain people, induces a mouth-watering sensation that surpasses the flow of occasional floods of northern Namibia. Unfortunately the invitation to

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